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              SIB - social impact bonds.

Create and populate the endowment fund 


   Endayment fund is an important element of sustainable financing of higher education. But the creation and filling of funds of funds is a difficult and painstaking work .

By their nature , this problem can be divided into three parts :

1. Organization of the endowment fund .

2 . Creation of infrastructure endowment fund

3 . Organization of fundraising ( fundraising ) in the endowment fund.


Each of these tasks has its own complexities and peculiarities .

1. Organization of the endowment fund .

Creating an endowment fund school must understand that this process is long and difficult work on building the whole system a new relationship with students, alumni and university partners . But first we need to start with the "Concept of the endowment fund ." Leadership of the university and its teaching staff must clearly understand why the university needs an endowment fund , what its objectives and how each employee can participate in its creation.

It is important to know that the fund can be considered formed only when during the year since he Sway registration will attract 3 million rubles and more . There are many other subtleties in the creation of an endowment fund , and therefore the initial stage is better to turn to professionals for advice and support to start work on the establishment of the fund was successful.


2 . Creation of infrastructure of the fund .

This is an important aspect of effective activity of endowment . Modern practice shows that the underestimation of this factor leads to the fact that the entire burden of fundraising endowment borne by the rector and vice-rectors . And it's not right . Fundraising should be doing, especially the staff of the endowment , which must be fully qualified to work with CRM methods must also have the appropriate software and hardware capabilities for active fundraising , as with traditional CRM technologies and methods kraudfandinga . Cooperating with our agency you can solve all these problems.


3 . Organization of fundraising ( fundraising ) endowment fund.

In order to be successful endowment fundraising , fund management and student leadership must understand that it is a continuous , ongoing process that should not be built in single companies, and on an ongoing , continuous basis. This process should be involved in some form of all who are not indifferent university : teachers, students and their parents , alumni , partners and sponsors of the university. Tools such as " Alumni ", " Kraudfandingovaya platform " groups on social networks , sports and cultural events, and more - can be highly effective for filling endowment funds. Unfortunately it is very often not the case . Often this is due to low-skilled personnel endowment . The staff of our agency will be able to train staff and help to fund the preparation of the work plan for fundraising .


Creating a successful operating endowment fund is difficult and noble .

Endowment - is the basis of stable funding for the university in the future, an active social assistance to students and teachers , this new equipment and more, so what needs modern Russian higher education.